3 Days 3 Quotes..Day 1..Life


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I was nominated by bittermarshmellos on this and I thank you for thinking of me 😀

This is day 1 of the challenge.

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This particular quote appeals to me for many reasons. This quote is a reminder of how life is in some peoples eyes.

For you see, to me life never came with instructions or a forewarning of how the outcome of everyday will be. We were never given instructions on how to live life nor how life should be handled. There are no pre-requisites or directions. You take what life gives you on a daily basis.

You make mistakes, you learn from those mistakes but it does not mean you are not entitled to make more mistakes. No one can judge you on how you’re living your life. They weren’t told or assigned by God to judge you and ridicule you. Only God has that given right. Mistakes are what makes us human, learning is what we take with us as knowledge but sometimes we stumble.

No one is perfect. Life is what you make of it. The memories, the mistakes, the learning, and most of all living it to the fullest!

Life is a story we make and write on our own. No one else is going to write it for you. There will be some that will be part of your story but its your own book.

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