One area of solitude just to read.


The sound of a book you’ve opened before time and time again.

When you hear the page turn to another story waiting to happen.

You’ve searched high and low for that one place.

Away from all the noise and the people.

That one spot of solitude that’s all your own.

To be able to continue reading a book you’ve been reading.

It didn’t matter what area you’re in, may it be at home or out, as long as you can open up your book and read.

Then in that one quiet spot in the corner, you find it.

As if the book was leading you to that spot.

You open up its glory of pages, take that one snapshot of the book alone with you.

Then you tuck the phone back into your pocket or purse and you read and read and read.

A simple corner where you can enjoy reading a book. A simple corner tucked away in the midst of everything.

Simple little corner away from prying eyes with no one to bother you.

The lengths one must go, to read a good book.

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