Welcome back to School.


Its that time of year again.

Classrooms are ready to welcome in the students to the beginning of a new school year.

The desk, the chairs and school supplies are all neatly aligned and in order. Soon the students will be sitting in their seats listening to their teachers and paying attention in class.

Art is done on their desk or a small corner of the room. The oohhs and the aahhs will be happening in Science class, History will be taught about how countries were, Physical Education will teach each student fitness.

The playground will be seen with a sea of children running about, hanging out with friends, and simply going on slides for kindergarteners , four square, basketball, soccer or a simple game of tag. 

The halls will be filled with kids going to their lockers or talking to their friends. The principal and teachers will say no running on the halls. PDAs will be to a minimum in Junior High School and High School. Quizzes, test, exams, state exams will all take place all over again.

The roads will say 25 miles per hour when children are present. The crossing guard will hold up a sign saying stop yo help children and their parents cross the street safely.


School is back in sessions again. Home works will be done at home on the kitchen counter or dining table. You can see parents smiles on their faces. With a sigh of relief. If you ever ask one of them, they’ll gladly say its because their kids are looking slightly bored during the summer. You give a little laugh and you just greet them to have a good day.

Welcome back to school everyone!
To the teachers, good luck and may the school year be awesome. Thank you for all that you do.

๐ŸƒThank you for reading. Have a good weekend everyone.
ยฉ Pam

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