He makes me feel alive.

And it’s as if there’s zero gravity when I’m with you.

Pushing boundaries,the laws of nature doesn’t have a hold on us.

We float over the rushing crowd of average humans.

I know its rare to find others who’s wings haven’t been clipped.

Someone who can uplift your spirit

Instead of holding your wings down causing them to slowly rip.

In the city of Angels, I found an Angel.

(Dedicated to that special someone who’s always there to make me smile)

Thank you for reading.

💞 Pam


What are we doing to this world.

When Notre Dame was burned, a worldwide tragedy was declared and in just days 218 million euros were raised to rebuild it.
The Amazon has been burning for 16 days, the lung of the world, which is home to more than 600 species and NOBODY DOES ANYTHING, OR THE MEDIA OR THE GOVERNMENTS.

The world is not dying, we are killing it.

We only have one planet, shouldn’t we be taking care of it for our future and for the children around the world future.

Thank you for reading.

💞 Pam