An eye for an eye


That old saying of an eye for an eye

Is seeking revenge or retributions really the only way you’ll be happy

Is taking down the person a means of accomplishment

Will calling the person every hatred name in the book make you happy

Is it a sense of pride and joy

Releasing all negativity around me.

My happiness and well being means more than tolerating negative energy. I refuse to subccumb to any of it.

No life or energy is to be wasted on such things. As Ghandi said it just makes the world go blind. Why bother seeking revenge or hatred. It just consumes you and takes away your happiness.

🌿Thank you for reading.
          ❣ Pam

Its the first day of school


Its the first day back to school. May it be elementary, junior high, high school or college.

Its that first day back from that long summer break. You see people hurrying to get to class or simply to see their friends new and old.

New backpacks, clothes, school supplies, and so much more. The anticipation awaits. What is ahead of everyone is a mystery.


Let it all sink in, let the lessons commence, let the learning beginning. Its a whole new year. Its a whole new you. Take it all in stride and start anew.

( Written as I wait for my next class to begin.)

🌿 Thank you for reading.
                ❣ Pam