Monday Mantra

Monday Mantra

Let’s be our own best critic.

Let’s have our strength show more than to dwell on our weakness.

Let’s stop comparing ourselves with others and be proud of who we are and how we look.

Let’s not let what others think or say about us feel insecure.

Be stronger, better, be your own best critic cause no one is going to live your life but YOU.

So own it, rock it and show it!

Have a wonderful week everyone!!

Thank you for reading.

💞 Pam

Be You…The wonderful YOU


Did anyone ever tell you this

You are wonderful.

And if not do you still remember that you are?


And if at times you felt you were less than


just remember

Be Who You Are

Be Wonder full

We’re all so caught up in a world where being perfect, buying the latest gadgets, wearing all that makeup or shoes of the latest thing that we forget to simply be ourselves. We forget that each one of us is unique and beautiful in our own way.

So look at the mirror and see how beautiful and wonderful YOU are inside and out. No one else is going to be YOU.

                  Thank you for reading.

                            💞 Pam