He makes me feel alive.

And it’s as if there’s zero gravity when I’m with you.

Pushing boundaries,the laws of nature doesn’t have a hold on us.

We float over the rushing crowd of average humans.

I know its rare to find others who’s wings haven’t been clipped.

Someone who can uplift your spirit

Instead of holding your wings down causing them to slowly rip.

In the city of Angels, I found an Angel.

(Dedicated to that special someone who’s always there to make me smile)

Thank you for reading.

💞 Pam


Reconnect from within.

Building faster than we are growing.

Seeing iron towers rise more than wildflowers

Children who use to play in Nature backyard

Now seek asylum on their tablets and smartphone

Their disconnected from reality and plunge into reality

The connection is gone

The creator of life is being drilled into profit

Every single source is being used up

We are left with our own waste of time

When will we learn that having enough is plenty

We will leave Earth empty

Dry to be a wasteland

The future generation depends on us

We must evolve and sustain our Mother Earth

For she can replenish everything that is lost

If her children will protect her at all cost

Thank you for reading.

💞 Pam