Walks on the beach

Those long walks along the beach,
You within my constant reach,
Savoring sweet salty kisses
When we made our starfish wishes.
Barefoot, running here and there,
Soft wind blowing through our hair.
Oh, if I could travel time,
Iā€™d return the days that you were mine.
The nights, so warm in your embrace,
Reaching out I held your face,
The galaxy our sky above.
When we were so deep in love
I dreamed in shades of mermaid scales
And iridescent peacock tails,
Of pearlescent dragonflies
And brightly banded sunset skies.
Dreams as golden as the sand
When you and I walked hand in hand.
These precious memories I keep
ā€¦.As long as I can stay asleep

Thank you for reading.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Stay safe and healthy!

šŸ’ž Pam