Eros dart piercing


You must understand why I continue to have doubt,

Though time and distance haven’t put this fire out

I have no special favor which others don’t receive

Beloved, do you expect me to continue to believe?

I’m at a loss. Without a word and no outward sign

I can’t tell, if all was just a dream.

Unless you show me

I travail with Eros’ dart

Will you let me know at last

Will you truly recognize who you are

                 Thank you for reading.

                           💞 Pam


We are all writers and poets.


We are all the writers. Who defy being told what to say, how to think, or express ourselves. We write not for the glory of recognition but for the sake to give words meaning. To let others know what we feel or think. Our hearts and our minds flow with every word.

For anyone of you outcast that has ever been told you are not a poet. We’re  here too, anticipating to see what you create with your thoughts and with your pen.

               Thank you for reading.

                        💞 Pam