Life Matters

As a nurse, I took an oath to save all lives. May it be black, white, or brown. Any race, any gender, any religion.

To everyone who says All Lives Matter, when the Boston marathon was bombed, everyone said “Boston Strong!” no one said All Cities Are Strong.

When the Las Vegas shooting happened we all said “Stand Strong Vegas!” what about the other people that are shot in other cities.

When the shooting in Topanga, CA happened we all said ” We love you Topanga.” what about the love for ofhers.

When Breast cancer is brought up, have you ever heard anyone say what about colon cancer, or kids with cancer.

But for some oddly reason when people say ” Black Lives Matter!” everyone is quick to say All Lives Matter. It’s not about either/ or proclamation. It’s about all of us rallying for a united front and standing and supporting each other. It does not discredit or diminish any group. It’s just to bring awareness. So let’s support each other during this crisis and not be divided.

Thank you for reading.

💞 Pam

The hate that you give

What is happening right now here in the US is both heartbreaking, horrible, and painful. It must end. We have so much to do and understand.

Equality is something we all strict for but we’re all clearly not at there. What happened to George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless other lives are wrong. The perpetrators should be punished to the full extent of the law. I can’t personally know the pain, anguish, injustice and racism that are felt in the African American community but I see, hear and feel their anguish and frustration.

I don’t want to fight hate with more hate and destruction. I have nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles who are African American and I fear for their safety. I fear for the future of their kids in this country I once admired.

George Floyd pleaded that he couldn’t breathe, that he was in pain, he called out to his mother who passed away 2 years ago but officer Derek Chauvon never lifted his knee from Mr. Floyd neck. His knee was on his neck for 9 minutes while Mr. Floyd lifeless body laid there on the street. Ahmaud Arbery was followed and gunned down all because they taught he was a burglar while all that time he was just jogging. Breonna Taylor was wrongfully shot and mistaken for someone else.

The police is suppose to protect and serve. How is this protecting and serving? It does not help that the leader of this country calls protestors THUGS while on another incident a bunch of white people angry for being home for a month protested with guns on their hands and spitting at officers were called good people. The Asian community was bashed by so many white people about this virus when he blamed China and Asians were told it’s all our fault.

My heart hurts and breaks for this country. The country I once was so proud of and now I’m disgusted on how human lives are just disregraded for political gain. We can all protest peacefully and calmly. We don’t need to destroy things in a community we live in and where hard working people work at. Destryoing buildings and stealing things is just showing more hatred. I don’t think those people who’s lives were lost would want us to be doing this.

I know some readers might be angry of this post but im just expressing what’s in my heart and mind. I’m angry with what happened to Mr. Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and the countless others, I want to see justice served for them. My thoughts and prayers are with all of their families.

Thank you for reading.

💞 Pam