A Lions roar

I take each step cautiously

King of the jungle, I am simply not your prey

We lock eyes and I have no fear

I respect you and your space

You are a fierce and King of this jungle

I am simply a traveler in an unfamiliar territory

I know your power

I want to strengthen you

Your roar would make any man run

I stand my ground

You move towards me and see right through me

Then with surprised, I watched you give me your hand

Its when I first felt how strong you are

A feeling of security was felt

I was in your shelter and presence now

Invited and kept safe

Thank you for reading.

💞 Pam


Divine blues

( This photo is taken by me at the beach in Tulum, Mexico)

The blue waves full of life carried me into the sky.

Washed sins purified.

Creativity omnipresent, burst within me into a thousand sparkling crystals.

Freedom arose as i flowed within all.

A moving cloud collects every piece and forms a drop of holy water.

Now I fall, in the sea of love.

The sun shines down on me revealing the once hidden colors of my aura.

Brightening the horizon to its most beautiful extent.

Darkness will never again torment.

The heaven created in my name.

Swimming with the dreams and wishes I claim.

Infinite enlargement of the heart.

Thank you for reading.

💞 Pam