He makes me feel alive.

And it’s as if there’s zero gravity when I’m with you.

Pushing boundaries,the laws of nature doesn’t have a hold on us.

We float over the rushing crowd of average humans.

I know its rare to find others who’s wings haven’t been clipped.

Someone who can uplift your spirit

Instead of holding your wings down causing them to slowly rip.

In the city of Angels, I found an Angel.

(Dedicated to that special someone who’s always there to make me smile)

Thank you for reading.

💞 Pam

Since I have you now


Here it comes again

The losses that disappointed me

Every time I give my heart to someone

This time around I’ve dealt with it differently

Since I have you. Since I have you

I don’t only support myself

I have you to hold me and support me

I use to drown myself in solitude,

Mourning the guilt, the blame and what was dead in me

I would let the cold make my bones freeze

I didn’t want to feel a thing

Those bad memories are gone now

Fifteen years of friendship reunited again

Since I have you now all is calm and peaceful

Thank you for reading.

💞 Pam