Things to remember at tough times.

A little reminder that my brother said to me today.

Things to remember during tough times:

It’s a learning experience

You’ve overcome obstacles before.

Not getting what you want can sometimes be a blessing

Other people’s negative opinions are not worth stressing over

Taking care of your mental health is important

There are always things to be grateful for

Everything will change in time

Be kind to yourself

You can do this.


The writer and poet in all of us

Hello everyone. This is an older post that I feel we all can relate to.

We are all the writers.

Who defy being told what to say, how to think, or express ourselves.

We write not for the glory of recognition but for the sake to give words meaning.

To let others know what we feel or think.

Our hearts and our minds flow with every word.

For anyone of you outcast that has ever been told you are not a poet. We’re here too, anticipating to see what you create with your thoughts and with your pen.

Thank you for reading.

💞 Pam