Are you happy

Are you happy?

It seems as though this earth was conceived to bring people down

Pummel you to the ground

Make you work hard

We were not brought to this world, the world was brought to us

The things around us

Our ancestors began building this world for us

But society tells us and makes us conform

That one person cannot be unique

But we are unique in our own special way.


[ (I’ve learned to be happy with who I am. I do not need the approvals or the opinion of others to make me happy. The only opinion that truly matters is my own. I’m thankful to God for each day I wake up to a new day he has given me. I encourage the reflection of myself in the mirror each morning to strive to be better, kinder, gentler, to be strong, to be disciplined, to learn more and so forth. To not let the world define me or make me cruel no matter what hardship it throws at me. For I am the only one who can fall and stand in my own two feet, to life’s challenges. Fall 7 times…Get up 8.)]

With that said, I encourage everyone to not let society conform you. Encourage yourself everyday even with the good and the bad. Do not let others opinion or judgment bring you down.

Thank you for reading.

💞 Pam

We are born to make mistakes


The building crumbled into scrap metal and dust

Architects failed to see the structural flaws

Blueprints told stories of what would come to be

The constructor helped build a titanic disaster

We build on an unstable and lose grounds

We were all born to fail

Born to make mistakes

We are born to taste the ground of defeat

Born to learn from those mistakes

We are our own worst nightmare.

                  Thank you for reading.

                           💞 Pam