Was it love or simply a dream

Was it love or pure innocence

Was it outer beauty or inner being

Was it fondly adorable habits

Or adoration out of spite

Was it your many talents

Or was it just an attraction

Was it pheromones at work

Or simply a simply just questioning the thoughts

Was it just being madly and blindly in love

Can anyone ever really answer these questions

The lingering thoughts haunts one who is ever in love

Thank you for reading.

💞 Pam


When time stops


Everything stops

And in that one mystical moment

When time is frozen between ticks of the clock

There is only one thing of which I am aware

It’s this sensation, that of the whole world pausing

For a holy instant, in that moment

The electric touch of your skin

It’s warm on mine

I can see the universe in your eyes

I can hear only the beating of my heart and yours

And it thrills me the same way jumping off a cliff does

Just as the updraft fills my wings

I begin to soar

                  Thank you for reading.

                             💞 Pam