When time stops


Everything stops

And in that one mystical moment

When time is frozen between ticks of the clock

There is only one thing of which I am aware

It’s this sensation, that of the whole world pausing

For a holy instant, in that moment

The electric touch of your skin

It’s warm on mine

I can see the universe in your eyes

I can hear only the beating of my heart and yours

And it thrills me the same way jumping off a cliff does

Just as the updraft fills my wings

I begin to soar

                  Thank you for reading.

                             💞 Pam


I only ever wanted


Tonight I feel the emptiness of the space between

The vastness of ill-fated love was greatly unforeseen

Until the sun collapses and all life we know turns ash

I will hold these precious thoughts throughout that blinding flash.

Endless moments, endless days in which I flew

So shining bright the sky, so dark, so cold and deep

Yet I would brave it all again, for those few precious moments

I only ever wanted… instead of this swan song

I only ever wanted to feel like you are still here