Eros dart piercing


You must understand why I continue to have doubt,

Though time and distance haven’t put this fire out

I have no special favor which others don’t receive

Beloved, do you expect me to continue to believe?

I’m at a loss. Without a word and no outward sign

I can’t tell, if all was just a dream.

Unless you show me

I travail with Eros’ dart

Will you let me know at last

Will you truly recognize who you are

                 Thank you for reading.

                           💞 Pam


A mutual love shared


You can dress it as much as you want

Cover it with pretty glitter and flowers

Place it in a cave

Where it can never feel the touch of the sun

Protect it because you’ve felt it almost fleeing

As soon as someone special came along

All I want is to see your beating heart

To know that you’re  alive

So when I hold you

It will make it beat as fast as mine

I want to relate to your love more than anything

To be by your side holding you

To share the mutual love we have for each other

               Thank you for reading.

                         💞 Pam