A one sided love that was not meant to be.


He might have been the right person… but it simply was not the right time.

It might have been the right script… but it was all the wrong lines.

The poems was all right….but all the wrong rhymes.

The love shared between them was all a one sided love…

His heart was in wander…But in the end.

His LOVE was meant for others just not for her.

Have a good Sunday everyone!


I’ve been reading books of old…Ohh Athens!


I’ve been reading books of old.

The legends and the myths.

Achilles and his gold.

Hercules and his gifts.

The testaments they told.

The moon and its eclipse.
                                 ~Lyrics from a song!

Be still my beating heart, for I have fallen in love for the city/country of Greece!

I’ve found my summer love!