Whoop A Dee Doo Dah


Whoop-a dee-do-dah
whoop-a-dee ay

Oh my, my what an interesting day

Plenty of challenge coming my way

Whoop-a dee-do-dah whoop a dee-ay

Finding a crappy email on the laptop that I will never open

Whoop-a dee-do-dah whoop a dee-ay

So many blessings,feelings, and happiness coming each day

Whoop-a dee-do-dah

Whoop-a dee -AY

Plenty of sunshine headin’ my way

Not letting anyone damper my day, night, month or year



Hi everyone! I have a simple request. If anyone messages or comments on your blog of anything negative about me, please let me know…Thank you so very much! Have a wonderful rest of the week.

               Thank you for reading.

                          πŸ’ž Pam


Connections between you and me


I ask you to show me art

Tear the normal apart

Weary the first impressions

I want to see it all come to life

Smeared make-up like smeared paint on the artist hand

Let’s save time and truly start

I have notebooks full of spaces

Little do we know until one of us shows

Their feeling spilling out the insights

Spark an incent, in an instant

The smoke clears the tense and suspense out of a safe room

Where your nature can be exposed

A cup containing wine acts like a truth serum

Songs meaning equals the same rhythm

Candle light dancing paradigm

Once the connection between us ignite

Here we will meet on the same page again

                Thank you for reading.

                           πŸ’ž Pam